Friday, June 8, 2012

Team Building

Staff training is here and that means 8am-9pm every day for the next 10 days to get the staff ready for camp. It is an intense and busy few weeks, but so far, it's going well and the summer is off to a strong start.

Olivia and Griffin are happy to have staff at camp. For Griffin, it means more people to give him attention- he is never happier than when someone is petting or paying attention to him. Olivia is not quite as lovable and easy to please. She appears to think she is more important than anyone else here and she tolerates them, but only if they are giving her treats, playing with her ball or telling her she is beautiful.

This morning we were doing a team-builder where the whole group had to stand together on a tarp and, without stepping off, flip the tarp over. It is a great exercise in communication and working together. Of course, the twist to this challenge was that they had to do this with a little fat bulldog walking between their legs, standing on the tarp and overall supervising the whole thing.

Olivia, supervising the activity.