Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Danny and Heather are selling their house. Because they both have awesome new jobs that are both (almost) an hour away from home, I said I would help out when they get last minute requests to show the house.

Today I got the call.

I surprised Buddha in the middle of his day, which was very exciting... until I put him in the car. His little brow furrowed and he looked at me like, "um, are my parents aware of this?"

We continued driving and he got a little more worried. "Am I being kidnapped?"

He whined a lot and was SUPER obnoxious until I let him sit on my lap and help drive.

We got to my house and he stayed in the kitchen while his cousins licked their lips behind the gate and pondered whether they were going to eat him if given the chance.

But everyone headed out to the yard and stayed calm and happy and were eager to go to the park.

Buddha, Griffin and Olivia played at the park for a full 30 minutes and got covered, head to toe in mud.

Buddha and Grif re-started the neighborhood watch- just two bro puppies barking at everything together.

When we got home, as soon as I closed the gate, Grif got that look in his eye and lunged for Buddha. I was expecting it, so I had Buddha in my arms before the teeth could fly. I cleaned off Buddha first and then he hung out in the living room while Griffin and Olivia stayed in the kitchen until it was time to take Bu home.

Bulldogs in the back, Buddha on my lap, we drove him home.

When I got back to the car from bringing him inside, Olivia had climbed from the backseat into the front seat, her eyes clearly saying, "since dogs are riding in the front these days, I figured I'd just move..."

She was more than a little annoyed that her cousin got to ride shotgun when she doesn't usually get that privilege.

The Brigade being back together was exhausting. 3 dogs- I don't remember it being that much work!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Some Bulldog Pictures and Video

Some random photos and video I've taken recently-

The bulldog tantrum continues to elude me. ie- the monster dog I live with refuses to allow me to catch her being a terror on video. 

This was a recent trip to camp- Olivia sometimes
thinks she is a cat, not a 55 pounds dog. 

Snuggled in a blanket because it's cold outside!
Just two puppies hanging out, chewing on their bones together.

The bulldog lean- no better place to sit than a lap!

Too early to be awake on a Sunday morning!

The good news is- the weather is finally warming up a little bit! The bad news is- the park is a giant puddle... and also my winter boots are not as waterproof as I thought.

Today we were at the park for 45 minutes! It was so nice outside, but by the time we got home, I was muddy, Grif was (a little bit) muddy, my car was a mess and Olivia was unrecognizable.

But it is sunny and nice outside, so I'm not complaining!