Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Couch Sheets

He looked remorseful for peeing on the couch
When we bough our beautiful new couch a few months ago, we also bought a couch cover. Under the couch cover, the cushions are wrapped in a fleece blanket. Over the couch cover, we have 2-3 sheets draped over the whole thing.

I have several "good couch sheets". I never knew that could be a thing. Good couch sheets are king sized (big enough to really cover the most area of the couch) and kind of a jersey material that stays in place and doesn't slip too much.

So when I woke up this morning and there was a giant wet spot on the couch, I wasn't too worried and not upset at all. Grif looked pretty sad, but I immediately kissed and snuggled him and assured him that I loved him more than the couch (and, in terms of investment, I've put like, a million times more into him than the couch).

I like having nice things and it's important to me that my house and the things in it are clean. But having dogs (especially a special needs dog that regularly projectile vomits, slobbers, poops and pees seemingly without control) has taught me to have perspective. Things are just that- things. Nothing lasts forever and everything can be replaced.

Grif does his best- he is actually pretty well potty trained. But he has accidents. Which is why I am the foremost expert in pet cleaning products and pet-proofing furniture. Perhaps some day I will go into business. Until then, I will continue the battle of cute vs. keeping my house clean.