Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Dogs

Griffin has been coming with me to the office 2-3 times per week all winter. He alternates between sleeping under my desk, going across the hall to Abby's office (she has a rug that he enjoys more than my cold floor), wandering the hallways and chewing on one of the 15 or so bones that are all over my office.

When he is at home, he can make it though the whole day without a break, but both of us need to stretch our legs and get some fresh air, so every few hours, we take a potty break outside.

I took two short videos today because every time we go out, he makes me laugh. Griffin gets distracted easily and sometimes doesn't actually go to the bathroom at all. And every now and then he gets distracted, doesn't go to the bathroom and then when we ome back inside, he uses the hallway instead.

Today, as he rolled in the snow, a man driving through the parking lot pulled over and watched him. He rolled down his window and said, "I've never seen a dog do that." I smiled and said, "yep, he loves the snow" to which he replied, "what a special dog."

Special indeed...

And a bonus video from last week of Olivia in the snow after chasing the ball at the park.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


A few weeks ago, I was walking though Macy's and nearly fell over from shock when I saw the display for the Thomas Pink Collection. A full sized, pink bulldog statue.

I am not exaggerating- I gasped, clutched my chest and nearly fell over.

I turned to the people I was with and whispered, "I NEED this."

And so began my quest...

First I called that Macy's location and asked for a manager. I explained that I had just been in the store and that I NEEDED to purchase the display bulldog and asked how I could do that. "You're not the first person to call about this" was their response. No doubt! Look at that glorious thing.

She explained that she could take my name, which would get passed onto corporate and when they were done with it, they would call if the statue was available. I gave her my name, but I didn't feel confident that anything was going to happen with that.

I tend to be pretty frugal with my money (unless it involves my dogs and then I throw cash around like a rap star making it rain in the club). I don't buy things I don't need. I don't collect things. I don't have debt. I am reasonable, I budget, I save.  However, I do all of those things so that I can afford to splurge every now and then when I find something I really want (or for when a certain someone has to go to the vet). The pink bulldog statue was the perfect example of that.

My next step was to do some intense googling. I managed to track down the company that makes the statues. It didn't show the price because you had to create an account to log into their site. However, you had to have a business tax ID to create an account because they only sell to businesses. I was desperate to see the price to know if I could just buy one or if I was going to have to try to track down a number to corporate Macy's to plead my case. I put in my camp's tax ID number and created an account. I was in! And the statue was only $120!

Except that the minimum order for anything on their site was $500. I didn't need a case of bulldog statues. So I emailed the owner and explained that I LOVED the statue and NEEDED to own one. I asked if they could tell me where I could buy one retail, if they had any damaged ones that couldn't be sold or what my other options were so that I could buy one. My email was friendly and complimentary (perhaps a little crazy-dog-lady-ish), but I wasn't going to back down and I was prepared to be as obnoxious as necessary.

My resolve wasn't necessary. The owner emailed me back right away and said it was no big deal, they could sell me just one.

And so, just a few weeks later, my beautiful pink ceramic bulldog arrived!

I smile every time I look at it. I am very satisfied with my purchase!
Grif- checking out his new officemate