Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Dogs

Griffin has been coming with me to the office 2-3 times per week all winter. He alternates between sleeping under my desk, going across the hall to Abby's office (she has a rug that he enjoys more than my cold floor), wandering the hallways and chewing on one of the 15 or so bones that are all over my office.

When he is at home, he can make it though the whole day without a break, but both of us need to stretch our legs and get some fresh air, so every few hours, we take a potty break outside.

I took two short videos today because every time we go out, he makes me laugh. Griffin gets distracted easily and sometimes doesn't actually go to the bathroom at all. And every now and then he gets distracted, doesn't go to the bathroom and then when we ome back inside, he uses the hallway instead.

Today, as he rolled in the snow, a man driving through the parking lot pulled over and watched him. He rolled down his window and said, "I've never seen a dog do that." I smiled and said, "yep, he loves the snow" to which he replied, "what a special dog."

Special indeed...

And a bonus video from last week of Olivia in the snow after chasing the ball at the park.

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