Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The New Chair

One of the first baby gifts we received was a beautiful glider chair for the nursery. It is currently in our living room because I am too fat to sit on our couch. The chair is very comfortable, but is only big enough for an 8 month pregnant woman and that is causing issues in our house. We have a perfectly comfortable couch (that is nicely covered to accommodate two dirty, hairy bulldogs) and the new chair is next to the couch. But it is a separate piece of furniture and thus, is VERY upsetting to my beloved babies.

Both dogs stand on the arm of the couch and cry, attempt to climb into my lap and generally carry on as if they are being abused. When I lift them into my lap (not an easy task at this point), they don't last very long, because it's not comfortable.

Olivia is particularly upset by the chair. Although, when I get up, she is quick to make herself comfortable.

And then yesterday... THIS-
Olivia is not a chewer. She has a lot of bad habits and is naughty in a LOT of ways, but NEVER chewing. Not once in 7 years has she chewed something up. When I heard the scraping/chewing sound, I nearly fell over from shock. She didn't even appear to be enjoying herself. She just looked at me like, "so?" and I said, "are you joking?" and she got up and moved.

I assume the chair has a future of baby vomit and other wear and tear ahead, so I'm not going to get too upset. We may have a long road ahead of us with this baby and these dogs....