Monday, June 23, 2014

Swim Time With Bulldogs

Last week, I was the lifeguard for one period of swimming and I happened to have a really small group (just 10 campers) during that hour.

On Thursday, it rained in the morning and by the afternoon, it was still pretty chilly for swimming. So we decided that swim times could have a camp fire on the beach and make some s'mores. My swim group also had some guests- the camp dogs.

Olivia and Griffin had to wear their lifejackets, which they weren't thrilled about, but since bulldogs sink like rocks, it wasn't a choice for them.

Olivia ate about 5 marshmallows while supervising the fire. It was quite an afternoon for the bullies!

Olivia giving a camper the evil eye
because she wants a bite of his s'more

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Livin' the Bulldog Dream

For the two most social, surprisingly active little bulldogs, camp is paradise. We've been here 3 weeks and life is one continuous playtime for Olivia and Griffin.

Grif hanging out with his friends- Olivia playing in the background

Grif wanted to play volleyball so badly!

After they all left he was pretty sad he didn't get the chance to play!
Sunning themselves 

Riding in style

 Exhausted after lots of playing!

And a few videos of happy puppies-

Grif really wanted to play volleyball. He eventually had to be lured back home because he was adamant he was going to be on the field.