Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just A Little Vomit

When I got home this afternoon, there was a big pile of vomit by the back door and Grif was looking pretty sad. I cooked some chicken and rice, but he wasn't even interested in that. I sat with him on the couch and was snuggling my sick little baby. 

He looked at me with big eyes and then leaned forward and vomited down my chest. It wasn't the first time and so I let him finish gagging and then calmly stripped off all of my clothes to avoid making a mess as I went to get a new outfit.

Walgreens didn't have unflavored pedialyte, but did have a freezer pop version. Griffin likes popsicles and convincing him to eat one of these was much easier than trying to get him to drink it. And after his freezie, he ate some chicken and rice, which was an improvement.

He's resting now and looking much better.

We're happen to already have a vet appointment set up for tomorrow because I want him to be tested for allergies, so we'll talk about the vomiting too.

 Griffin is a little delicate and sometimes he just vomits for no reason.... Sometimes he has to go to the emergency vet for thousands of dollars, but I'm not worried yet.

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