Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bulldog Torture

At least one day each weekend, I spend several hours cooking. Today was no different, except that instead of just laying on the couch, ignoring me, the bullies took an interest.

At first they just sat in the middle of the kitchen, right in the path between the sink and the stove. I stepped over them....... and over them.... and over them. I was patient for a REALLY long time.

At one point, I had a big pile of carrots that I accidentally bumped into and one dropped to the floor. In a flash- as if she was STARVING and DESPERATE for food, Olivia had the carrot and ran to her bed, devouring it before I blinked an eye. For the record- she'd already had dinner, so, NO, I am not starving her. It was pretty cute watching her eat a whole carrot though.

Eventually they moved from the middle of the floor to right next to me. After I'd bumped into them a few times, they started bumping into me, except that they were doing it on purpose. As in, "HEY, we NEED a taste of that!" Then they started whining- loudly.

That was the point that they got exiled from the kitchen. When bulldogs aren't close enough in proximity to physically touch their mama, the crying begins...

Start to finish, I'd say the screeching lasted about 25 minutes until I gave up, gave them each a plate of chicken and put away the step-stool barrier. Nate tells me that they freak out because they know I will give in... and that's true. I am a terrible dog owner, there's no doubt about that, but seriously, how cute are these dogs??!?!?

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  1. I would do the same exact thing! Just too cute to resist!