Saturday, January 4, 2014

Good Couch Sheets

He looked remorseful for peeing on the couch
When we bough our beautiful new couch a few months ago, we also bought a couch cover. Under the couch cover, the cushions are wrapped in a fleece blanket. Over the couch cover, we have 2-3 sheets draped over the whole thing.

I have several "good couch sheets". I never knew that could be a thing. Good couch sheets are king sized (big enough to really cover the most area of the couch) and kind of a jersey material that stays in place and doesn't slip too much.

So when I woke up this morning and there was a giant wet spot on the couch, I wasn't too worried and not upset at all. Grif looked pretty sad, but I immediately kissed and snuggled him and assured him that I loved him more than the couch (and, in terms of investment, I've put like, a million times more into him than the couch).

I like having nice things and it's important to me that my house and the things in it are clean. But having dogs (especially a special needs dog that regularly projectile vomits, slobbers, poops and pees seemingly without control) has taught me to have perspective. Things are just that- things. Nothing lasts forever and everything can be replaced.

Grif does his best- he is actually pretty well potty trained. But he has accidents. Which is why I am the foremost expert in pet cleaning products and pet-proofing furniture. Perhaps some day I will go into business. Until then, I will continue the battle of cute vs. keeping my house clean.


  1. I had similar problems with Ozzie. It seemed like he would pee for no reason on the couch, new oriental rug etc. In hind sight was this behavioral or physiological issues? Oh you said those are all things and they can be replaced versus our wonderful bullies who are priceless in our eyes!

    1. I think he sleeps so soundly sometimes that he pees in his sleep without waking up. I really don't think he does it on purpose. He is potty trained and when he does pee inside it is as close to the door as possible, so clearly he knows. Oh well... that's why the couch is covered. :-)