Sunday, March 9, 2014

Some Bulldog Pictures and Video

Some random photos and video I've taken recently-

The bulldog tantrum continues to elude me. ie- the monster dog I live with refuses to allow me to catch her being a terror on video. 

This was a recent trip to camp- Olivia sometimes
thinks she is a cat, not a 55 pounds dog. 

Snuggled in a blanket because it's cold outside!
Just two puppies hanging out, chewing on their bones together.

The bulldog lean- no better place to sit than a lap!

Too early to be awake on a Sunday morning!

The good news is- the weather is finally warming up a little bit! The bad news is- the park is a giant puddle... and also my winter boots are not as waterproof as I thought.

Today we were at the park for 45 minutes! It was so nice outside, but by the time we got home, I was muddy, Grif was (a little bit) muddy, my car was a mess and Olivia was unrecognizable.

But it is sunny and nice outside, so I'm not complaining!

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