Friday, January 21, 2011

Camp Dogs Brave the Arctic

It is -27 degrees at camp today, which is where we have been since yesterday. I try to come to camp at least once a month to check in with my dad (who is the property manager) and because I love it here. If it's possible, I think Olivia and Griffin love camp even more than I do. They both lost their minds barking and jumping when I started packing and said, "do you want to go to camp?" They almost knocked me down as they pushed their way out the door and into the car!

They love camp because they get to wander freely, play nonstop, and their grandpi is the absolute worst person I know for giving them bites of anything he eats, which they love.

Camp is buried in snow and it is so cold outside it hurts your face as soon as you set foot out the door, but the puppies don't seem to notice.

Olivia has been obsessed with balls (chasing and then popping) since she was little. I buy them by the case. When I first brought Griffin to camp in June, I couldn't even get him to walk the 50 yards or so out to the field with us. Since his surgery, he's just as obsessed as Olivia.

Here's a video of our expedition outside this morning. Since then, we've been out twice more (and popped 2 more balls). It's brutal, but it makes them so happy that I can't say no.


  1. 21 below? Brrrr I will not complain about 14 degrees above that we have here in NJ ever again!
    They both love that ball! I wonder where you can get a blow up ball like that in January?! Any suggestions?

    Enjoy the snow doggies!

  2. I actually saw them at Target the other day, even though they are a summer toy. I buy them buy the case from the manufacturer- Ball, Bounce and Sport. Last summer, Olivia went through 100 of them, but it's worth it because she loves playing and she gets great exercise.