Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Upper

My brother called me this morning with huge news- Buddha has learned to read. They were at the dog park and Buddha went running off to a farm area and when Danny called him back, he pointed at a sign and said, "that sign says no trespassing!" Buddha went over to it, looked at it, studied it, peed on it in annoyance and then ran off in the opposite direction to avoid trespassing. Amazing.

Of course, I had to break the news to Danny that Olivia recently completed writing her first children's book about a puppy named Juddha who gets beat up for being obnoxious (it's fiction, but there are some elements to real life in it).

Danny told me to tell her congratulations, but that she's kind of a one-upper. That's probably true, but that's just the way the Bulldog Brigade is...

Learning to read
Please teach me to be smart...

Exhausted after a long day of writing...
"I read and write, so what? Don't annoy me."

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