Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Impatient Dogs

During the first weekend in May, the bulldogs and I were at camp for the annual work weekend. With 50 volunteers to play with, perfect weather, and a weekend of freedom to run and play, Olivia and Griffin were happy dogs. Olivia played with her ball at least once an hour and there were tons of kids at camp who were happy to play with her. Griffin will only chase the ball in short bursts, but he loves running after the kids or just laying in the middle of the field while they pet him.
Loving the attention

The dogs enjoyed overseeing the projects around camp and were quick to wiggle their way in and smash their faces against anyone who bent down (when you are busy with a disgusting plumbing project, I'm sure there is nothing better than a nosy bulldog assistant).

At the end of the weekend, we packed up and headed home and they were not very happy. Last year, we moved to camp on April 1st and I think this year they are getting impatient that we are not there full time yet.

This week has been busy- I've been cramming as much time in the office as I can to finish everything I need to do before I leave. I have been running errands like getting my oil changed, buying enough dog food to last through the summer, picking up sunscreen and books for my free time (wishful thinking, perhaps), loading the car, and packing my house.

And the bulldogs know what's up. Dogs are incredibly perceptive and they understand more than we sometimes give them credit for. My dogs know that it is camp time and they are impatiently waiting, sitting in the back yard, eyeing the car. They won't let me out of their sight when I am at home and every time I move towards the door, they take off running. Tomorrow when I take out the cooler, that will be the official sign that it's time and they will lose their minds. I will take trip after trip out to the car to load all of my stuff and they will fight to get out of the gate with each trip, crashing their fat little bodies into me until I finally give in and just let them stand next to the car while I pack. And then it's back to paradise and a summer of luxury for the bullies...

In the car on the way home- exhausted!

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  1. Looks like O&G are gearing up there for an active summer at camp!Happy days are here again!