Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Weekend at Camp

It was Work Weekend at camp and so Grif, Liv and I headed up North to kick off the summer. We had 60 volunteers helping us clean, rake, and get camp ready for another great summer of fun.

Olivia and Griffin LOVE camp. Olivia got to play with her ball about 50 times. In between, she rolled in the dirt and explored the woods and when she was too exhausted to do anything else, she curled up on the couch until she had enough energy to repeat the whole thing. 

Griffin played with the ball every time anyone besides me was also on the field. He is a show off like that. 

We still have a few weeks until we move to camp for the summer, but I think the puppies are ready for it now! Here are a few videos of them at camp.

Anyone who knows O&G know that Olivia LOVES her ball more than anything else in the world. I probably need to stop taking video and photos, because there's nothing new, but it still makes me happy to see her so content!

Griffin found a frisbee. He was quite content to lay on the field and chew it while Olivia played.

This is Griffin playing with the frisbee with his good friend Meghan. Meghan was one of the program directors last year and lived with us during the flood. I am not sure if she misses Grif more or if Grif misses her more, but they got to hang out at work weekend and life was good!

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