Monday, July 8, 2013

Joe the Crow

Bulldogs, step aside, there's a new camp animal- Joe the Crow!

About a month ago, there was a crow on the ground, not flying away. I yelled for Tom (the property manager) because I hate to see animals in need. Tom picked the crow up and brought him home, and for the new few weeks, nursed it back to health. He fed it and took care of it, and then when it was stronger, he let it go. Except that the crow decided Tom must be his mother, and every day that Tom drove to camp, the crow would follow him. Tom lives just down the road, so he drives a 4-wheeler to camp. The crow learned how to land on the 4-wheeler while Tom was driving.

The crow started sitting on the dining hall porch outside the window while Tom ate breakfast and all the kids got to know the tame crow. I told Tom he should name him and his response was, "yeah, his name is Joe" because he had already named him long ago.

Now the crow is tame, really tame, and friendly. He lands on the kids and hang out during the day. It's pretty amazing.

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