Monday, August 11, 2014

Olivia at Camp

Griffin spent the last 2 weeks of camp at home with Nate and my mom (while Nate was away on a business trip for a few days). Home was cleaner, calmer, cooler and more controlled than camp and he's making a great recovery.

While Grif was away, Olivia had a FABULOUS time at camp by herself. Because Griffin is more prone to running in front of cars, falling int he lake, eating something he shouldn't and any number of other risk factors, the camp dogs don't get the sort of freedom they would like. But with Grif at home, Olivia was basically able to roam free and she spent about 12 hours a day hanging out with me, the kids, and the staff. She was in heaven! It was a great way to end the summer for her!

Olivia getting painted

Olivia at the dance party- happy to be in the middle of the action!

Riding around with the lead staff on the golf cart

Chillin with campers 

Olivia was directly under the tie dye table and ended up getting pretty colorful herself

Always in the middle of things
chillin with the campers

All camp game would not be complete with the camp dog!
Olivia almost lost her mind when she came out for all camp dodgeball and found all of these balls! 

Exhausted after playing with all the balls she could ever imagine 

The balls were still on the field and ready to be put away when 10 minutes after the game ended, we heard 3 loud pops in a row as balls popped- I looked out the office door to see a lot of movement and realized Olivia had gone back to the field and had gotten herself into the bag of balls!

Not happy to be home after a very fun summer!

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