Monday, November 24, 2014

Co Best Dogs

October 4, 2014- Olivia and Griffin officially welcomed Nate into the Bulldog Brigade.

The wedding weekend was filled with nonsense.

I accidentally let the camp golf cart roll down the hill, crashing into the propane tank for the building, causing a (minor) gas leak. The rehearsal cookout and campfire had to be moved inside due to rain, and then there was a power outage. The day of the wedding was 37 degrees and despite several reasonable conversations throughout the day with several members of the wedding party and family, I didn't actually agree to move the wedding inside until 45 minutes before the ceremony.

Sometime between photos and the actual wedding, Olivia got bit or stung by something and her eyes swelled almost completely shut. She was fine, but I was a wreck and about halfway through the reception, despite my AMAZING staff checking on her and bringing me photos every 20 minutes, I went back to the cabin for about a half hour where I hiked up my wedding dress and sat down on the floor to hold my swollen baby.

Disasters aside, it was a fabulous, memorable, spectacular 3 day celebration with all of our family and friends. And for better or worse, sickness and health, Nate agreed to love all of us forever. 

Here are some pictures of the co-best dogs looking their finest (and I'd like to note that they were on perfect behavior the entire time!)... 

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  1. Your bullies are adorable! Cheers!