Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Woes

The snow in our yard is so high that it's taking away the effectiveness of the fence. Olivia and Griffin aren't quite spry enough to get over it, but Buddha is enjoying the opportunity to explore the neighborhood.

Thankfully, our backyard leads to an alley, and we are almost all the way down at the end of the dead end, so  he would have to travel a fair distance to actually reach a busy street. But it's still scary to look in the back yard at two bummed out bulldogs staring at the fence, as if to say, "we want to explore too" and realize immediately that Buddha is no where in sight.

We've gradually been digging a moat around the edge of the yard so that the snow is too low at the fence for him to escape. And we've been threatening that we are going to tie him to a bulldog to anchor him down. But so far, neither option has really worked out.

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