Friday, February 4, 2011

Double Escape

It's been a few days since Griffin's great escape and there haven't been any more break outs. Buddha still jumps out regularly, but now he jumps back in the yard just as quickly, and he hasn't gone missing in a long time. So this afternoon when I let the two of them outside, I wasn't worried. Until 2 minutes after I let them out when I went to check on them and the yard was empty.


Neither dog.

I ran inside, kicking off my slippers and jumping into my boots while grabbing my coat and screaming, "they're BOTH gone!" It was early afternoon and both Danny and Heather were still at work, but Olivia was casually lounging on the couch. As I frantically ran through the house, I am not exaggerating when I say that she rolled her eyes in annoyance and disgust as I rushed out to find the boys.

Up the alley, I could hear kids outside playing, and knowing our social butterfly dogs, I headed for the noise.

"Have you seen two dogs lately?" I tried to be calm and friendly instead of out of breath and screechy.

"What do they look like?" -9 year old girl

It took all of my youth development professional skills not to shout, "how many dogs have you seen in this dead end alley?! ANY dogs, have you seen ANY dogs?!" Instead, I gave a quick description and did my best to remain kid friendly. I must have done well because I instantly had two dog finding assistants.

"I think I saw them go that way" the first girl said. Unfortunately at the same time she pointed to the left, the other girl pointed to the right and I was beginning to wonder if they had actually seen the dogs or if they were just being helpful.

But just as I took a deep breath and got ready to power walk around the block, from around the corner, Buddha jumped out and Griffin was right behind him. Just two buddies out for a stroll.

When they saw me, they both galloped over, wiggly and excited, as if to say, "hey! you came too! FUN!!"

Instead of crying or yelling (both natural reactions), I remained kid friendly as I escorted my darling boys back to the safety of my yard. Another crisis averted- I foresee some digging in my weekend plans...


  1. hahaha...."what do they look like?!" too funny!

  2. Oh I hope they stay at home safe, it's a dangerous world out there!

    Nubbin wiggles,