Friday, February 11, 2011


Last night, the Bulldog Brigade (all 6 of us) went to an event called Dog Days. Twice a month, the Metrodome is open for dogs to run around and play. It's been so cold lately and there must be a lot of stir crazy dogs, because the place was packed!

There was everything from a GIANT, horselike great dane (seriously, ENORMOUS) to a herd of tiny little chihuahuas who were wearing sassy little outfits and when they were on their way out, put on tiny winter coats, complete with furry hoods. There was the shortest, fluffiest little pekingese that, upon seeing, Griffin's eyes lit up and he rushed toward it, giant mouth open wide. I'm pretty sure he wanted to either chew up up or swallow it whole. In Griffin's defense, he wasn't being aggressive, it just looked exactly like one of the stuffed animal toys we have at home. It was fun to see the wide variety of dogs and their crazy owners.

Buddha was jubilant, sprinting the entire time, peeing on everything (seriously, he peed like, 8 times) and making friends with everyone. Griffin didn't have any idea what was going on, but he was excited. I kept him on his leash the whole time because there were so many small dogs and Griffin is completely unaware that he is 65 pounds. I'm pretty sure that he thinks he is the same size as his cousin Buddha and he was quick to play bow (that adorable stance where his butt is in the air and his chin on the ground) to every tiny little dog under 15 pounds. If he would have shown interest in some bigger dogs, I might have let him off his leash to play, but I wasn't going to risk him accidentally swallowing a puppy.

Olivia loves to play and is friendly with other dogs. I used to take her to puppy playtime twice a week, but she only plays if she is in the right mood, otherwise she gets really snobby, puts her nose in the air and walks around ignoring everyone, which is what she did last night. Olivia refused to acknowledge any of the other dogs, but she did let people adore her and pet her and coo over her.

I should be used to people's reactions, but I am always surprised that in a building FILLED with dogs of every size and shape, my dogs attract such attention. Last night, I watched people gasp, smile and say, "bulldogs!!" Maybe it's because they are such a recognizable breed or because they are hilarious, but my dogs always draw a crowd.

Of course, my dogs are aware they are special. There were huge buckets of drinking water everywhere,  and I saw every other dog drinking happily. My dogs refused. At first I thought they just weren't thirsty, but eventually they were panting and as we stood in front of the water, Olivia looked at me and her eyes very clearly said, "you've gotta be kidding." I took out a bottle of water and she (and Griffin too) drank the whole thing. I refilled it several times and they were both happy to drink bottled water, but wouldn't even consider the buckets.

Snobbery and one attempt at eating a chew toy looking puppy aside, it was a wonderful evening and all three dogs were EXHAUSTED. A successful night of socializing for the Bulldog Brigade.

Nothing cuter than an exhausted bulldog...

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  1. What a great idea to get the doggies out and shake the winter doldrums! Wish they had something like that here in Jersey! Ozzie is kind of the same way as Olivia and Griffin. He likes the little dogs and the people. The rest of the dog pack he can do without! Have a great weekend!