Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exhausted Bulldogs

On Friday, we completed our 10 day staff training. Training was 8am-9pm every day and by the time we were finished, everyone was pretty exhausted, including the Camp Dogs. 

About halfway through the week, I went into my room to grab my pajamas before taking a shower and didn't realize, until I turned on the light, that at some point, Griffin had gotten into bed, under the covers, head on the pillow and tucked himself in for the night. When I turned on the light, he looked up at me like, "turn that off! I'm sleeping!" We have the same routine every night, including a potty break outside and then me lifting both dogs into bed, so I was really surprised and amused. Apparently staff training was wearing him out.

Last night I was finishing up some work, talking on the phone and realized neither dog was anywhere in sight. I walked down the hall and heard snoring. Earlier in the day, I'd washed all of my bedding and when it was clean, I had just thrown it all in a big heap onto my bed, planning to make it later.

Apparently they both decided to go to bed, couldn't get onto my bed and so they went into the empty spare room and I found them, totally asleep, in the dark, snoring. I often wonder what goes on in their minds...


  1. This camp business is really wearing them out!What's a bulldog to do when he can't get enough shut-eye?! Why find an empty bunk bed of course!