Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Campers

I'm not sure how I am ever going to move back to my lovely city home in the fall, because the bulldogs are in heaven and by the time summer ends, we will have been here 5 full months. September is going to be a rough transition...

The first week of camp was last week and it rained every single day. My dogs will roll in a puddle, jump in a lake, and splash in their pool, but if there is even a tiny bit of rain coming from the sky, I can't drag them out of the house. This week, it's been much nicer weather, and aside from the 2 hours a day that sports is on the field with a ball (which both Olivia and Griffin will steal and pop at the first opportunity), they are free to roam around camp freely.

Today was sweltering and they were stuck in the house most of the day, except for swimming. They were very unhappy with me, and I felt bad, but the house is cool and I knew that even in my office or outside, they would overheat. Some dogs live in a kennel for hours and hours every day or live on the street. My dogs have a pile of bones, the couch they lounge on all day, treats, freezie pops Nurse Julie gives them every day, visits from staff, and yet, today they were feeling very mistreated. They were brave and managed to suffer through the hardships...

Walk?! Not these bulldogs!!
They ride shotgun and are driven door to door...

Being the boss means that the staff have to be nice, even when
 the activity they are teaching gets interrupted by a sassy puppy...

Loving the beach on a hot day.

At the beach...
Griffin is quite the swimmer
Also loving the beach...

Olivia's favorite time of the day is when she
gets attention from a field full of campers 
Griffin's favorite time of the day is when he is the center of attention


  1. I leave for one day and Olivia and griffin take over!!!

  2. Oh what fun! How will you ever get them back to living city life?!

    Happy 4th of July Olivia and Griffin!