Saturday, January 19, 2013

I kiss my bulldog(s) on the lips

Well, he finally gave in. It took multiple suggestions (perhaps some begging), but he finally decided to give me the jewelry I wanted most in the world-

"I kiss my bulldog on the lips". Is this the most wonderful bracelet you've ever seen? I have a fabulous bracelet that my brother gave me a few years ago that says "bulldog mom" and I love that one too, but this one is just about the most fabulous thing I've ever seen.

Check out the tiny detailed bulldog charm at the end of it.

Nate tries not to allow me to be a crazy dog lady, but sometimes he gives in and let's me be ridiculous.

I love him for that and so I try not to kiss my bulldogs on the lips before I kiss him on the lips (for the record, sometimes it doesn't work out in that order, but don't tell him).


  1. YAY! Did you get this from Lissa? I have the pleasure of being friends with her - she is an incredibly talented jewelry maker, as well as tons of other stuff like a bullie lover and a cool person. I'm really glad you got this! It's such a pretty piece! :)

  2. So glad you like it! I started making them a long time ago to help raise money for bulldog auctions. By the bullies always get kissed first :) hubby is ok with it (for the most part)

  3. Lissa- Thank you for creating this fabulous bracelet. My boyfriend ordered it for me and I was SO excited to get it! I have gotten several compliments!