Monday, January 7, 2013

Still Recovering

Griffin is still recovering from pneumonia and will be done with antibiotics on Wednesday. He isn't coughing anymore and he seems to be feeling much better. Actually he seems to be bored and I feel terrible that I have to leave him home every time I take Olivia to the park. But I'm not taking any chances with him, so he can't go to the park yet and he can't go to daycare. If the vet clears him, we can go back to normal, but until then, he'll just have to be bored.

Olivia goes to daycare 2-3 times per week, and I can't imagine how guilty I would feel leaving Griffin alone all day. So Griffin has been coming with me to my office. Olivia came to the office every day for the first year of her life but this is new for Grif. He's actually doing really well though. He has some chewy things to keep him busy, a bed, and a water dish. He really likes under my desk best, so that's where he's been most of today.

For the most part, he sleeps or chews on stuff and is pretty calm. He enjoys greeting the mailman, my co-workers and other people who work in the building. And he comes with me every time I make a copy or go to the bathroom (yes, a 70 pound bulldog CAN fit under a bathroom stall door). I'm very hopeful he can go back to daycare soon, but this isn't a bad alternative.

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