Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's Good to be Home

I've been away at a camping conference for the past few days. I missed them almost immediately and I found myself showing off photos of the babies to several strangers that I had just met. 

Olivia was not happy when I brought out my suitcase.
A little snuggling before I had to leave. 
This is actually a few days before I left, but I looked at this photo several
times while I was gone, because I missed this face (mud and all).

Ready for the park, first thing this morning. 

Content after a good park trip (the first in 4 days!)
Snuggling after the park- relieved to be back together
Griffin vomited all 4 days I was gone. I started to worry he was actually sick, but he has been eating normally and perfectly happy since I've been home, so I think it's possible he has some separation anxiety that leads to him projectile vomiting whenever I leave him.

I hate being away from them- I think that the three of us become more co-dependent every day. The next month is basically a count down until camp and then we are headed to the great outdoors for the summer. So I think we will all be fine...

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  1. ha it's like Olivia is complaining about your absence...."Where have you been woman?!" There's no place like home.....with your bulldogs of course!