Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Griffin and I went on an adventure today!

I had a meeting this morning, so Grif couldn't come to the office with me. I felt terrible- the separation anxiety is mutual. Olivia went to daycare and all day, I worried about Grif. He was totally fine when I got home and clearly I need therapy, but that's another post...

My car was being detailed today, which sounds uppity, but when you have two slobbering bulldogs that went to the muddy park every day for the past month, professionally car cleaning is not a luxury, it is a necessity. The detail place is only 2.5 miles from my house and since I am training for a half marathon and ran more than that yesterday, I decided to combine my run and picking up the car.

But Grif and I had been apart all day and I couldn't leave him again, so I got out the wagon and brought him with me.
"I refuse to look at the camera"
Griffin walked approximately 1 block before he started limping. He wasn't limping before the walk and he wasn't limping afterwards, but after about 5 minutes of walking, he'd had enough. I was satisfied with his accomplishment ad so was he.

The first mile was pretty easy. Grif got used to the wagon right away and we stopped several times to greet dogs and kids in the neighborhood. Other than refusing to pose for a cute photo, he was very cooperative.
"Why are you taking my picture?"

The second mile was entirely uphill- vertical, thought-I-was- going-to-die vertical. I huffed and puffed while I lunged forward, putting my head down, and concentrated on dragging 60 pounds of dog (and a wagon that is a lot heavier than it looks), while sweating and gasping for breath. Griffin had already drank about half of our water (you'd be surprised at how thirsty you get riding in a wagon in the shade on a nice day), so I only took a sip or two (yes, we were sharing a water bottle). Luckily the last half mile was mostly downhill. Our journey took a few minutes short of an hour and Griffin snored loudly the entire drive to daycare to pick up Olivia.

I was honked at multiple times, laughed at audibly by more than one person and at one point, I felt like I was in a parade because people kept stopping to wave at us. I don't think it will be a daily occurrence, but it was a great adventure for today.