Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Little Camp Tease

Olivia, Griffin and I spend Thursday-Sunday at camp. 

Olivia knew something was up on Wednesday night. She can always sense it. And she responds by letting me KNOW she knows something is happening. 

I told her "tomorrow", which is a word she knows.... unfortunately. At 7am on Thursday, I heard, *crash* (fat little body hitting the door) followed by screeching. And then for the rest of the morning, she made terrible, awful, obnoxious noises to let me know she was impatient with me. 

FINALLY (11am) we left for camp and made it up north by 2pm. We got out of the car and immediately headed to the field to play with the ball. We played until Olivia refused to chase it any more. We had some water, snacks, and then hung out with Abby, Megan, Ben and Tom (all of the bullies' favorite people). We walked all around, to one of camp and the other. 

Ben was busy working on some projects to improve our internet connection and was crouching down by an electrical box. Grif ran over to him and stuck his big head right in there (I wish I had video of a little bulldog taking such interest in an electrical project). And then all of a sudden, he came running back towards me (looking so satisfied). It turns out, he had stolen Ben's screwdriver. Have I mentioned how much Griffin loves tools?!

Work Weekend was AMAZING. We had 60 people working HARD, getting camp ready. They remodeled our rec hall bathrooms, built a wall in the laundry room, updated lights in several places, raked, cleaned, dragged brush... basically an amazing tornado of fabulousness sweeping through camp, transforming it. For 7 years, I have spent this weekend feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, near tears (of amazement) and wanting to literally shout with excitement and joy over the change. 

Meanwhile, two little dogs spent the day convincing people to stop and take a break to pet them, coo over them, and generally be distracted by them ( bulldogs being the only thing I would really let interrupt this weekend). 

They made everyone think they were starved for attention with their wiggles and cuteness. And while I was thrilled with the hard work transforming camp, I think I was even more thrilled with the love being heaped on my babies. 

Olivia and Griffin spent the weekend riding around on the golf cart like they were in a parade, playing on the field with the ball, being petted, hanging out, eating marshmallows in front of a fire and rolling in the dirt. They were in absolute puppy heaven

At the end of the day on Saturday, I took Liv and Grif out to play (for the 4th time that day). Shortly after we got out there, a group of kids headed our way. I wasn't quick enough to video how wiggly and excited Grif got, but this was the video I got of him running around with a group of boys. Grif LOVES being one of the boys. 

The bulldogs LOVE camp. They LOVE attention. They revel in the activity around camp. So when I pulled my bags back out, loaded the car and got ready to leave, they looked miserable. I basically dragged them into the car to leave. And then we got home and Olivia looked at me like, "are you kidding?" She refused to come inside, instead, sitting outside and pouting for an hour. Then I made her come inside and eat dinner. Afterwards, she went right back outside (taking Grif, who didn't really know what to do) and both of them pouted for another hour.

We'll head back to bulldog paradise in 10 days, so I refuse to feel guilty. But as of this minute, I have two UNHAPPY, very tired, bulldogs. Countdown to camp has begun!!

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  1. Life is good ...if you are Griffin or Olivia!