Saturday, May 17, 2014

At Camp!!

We're here! We've been here since Thursday and the bullies are back to loving their lives in the woods. They are exuberant- absolutely joy-filled. I want to follow them around and take their pictures all day every day. Bulldogs aren't really known for being outdoorsy or active, but these two love being at camp.

Here are a few shots from the past few days.

At the gas station, ready to head to camp
We got stuck in a traffic jam for the first 10 minutes.
Within 5 minutes of arriving at camp!
Soaking in the sun and snuggles.


SO happy to be at camp!

This is how Griffin spends a lot of his time while Olivia plays on the field.

Sleepy baby is satisfied after a long day of playing,
relaxing in the sun and exploring the woods. 

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