Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Olivia is Annoyed

  • Olivia isn't eating chips and salsa (and I am).
  • Olivia isn't at the park, playing with her ball.
  • I am sitting.
  • Our house is a mess with suitcases, boxes and piles all over- clearly communicating we are heading to camp, and yet, we are NOT at camp.
  • Olivia doesn't get "second dinner" anymore.
  • Olivia hates the tv show "Chopped".
  • Olivia is sick of getting yelled at for picking on Grif (because **deep breath** if she tackles and knocks him down again, I am going to go to the store and buy a kennel for her to live in for the next few days).
  • Olivia hates my computer. 
  • Olivia is annoyed. 
Olivia is miserable.

Olivia is taking out her misery on Grif and I (Nate is on a business trip or he would be a target as well). 

This little bulldog is driving me insane. The feeling is mutual, which means that the three of us are having a rough night.

48 hours until we are at camp.... Deep breaths for all of us in the meantime...

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