Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Emergency Surgery

Olivia and Griffin have a lot of freedom at camp. When Olivia was a puppy and first at camp, I was afraid that she would be in constant danger and that I would need to watch her closely all the time. But that's not the case. She (and Griffin too) pretty much stay inside or in the yard at my house, or they wander over to my office. Camp is not that big and they are very social dogs who like to be around people, so they are always near me. The staff and kids watch them as well and I rarely worry.

On Wednesday, I caught Griffin standing over a pile of vomit that had plastic ball in it. Whenever he and Olivia pop a ball, they run with it, sometimes tug-o-war with it and play with it, but I have never seen Griffin EAT the balls! So I was surprised by the plastic he had vomited up. I watched him closely for the next few days and he seemed fine- he was eating, drinking, and pooping normally. He was active and playing and wasn't in any pain, and didn't have any indication of discomfort.

On Saturday night, he vomited up his dinner. He had been playing before and after dinner, and Buddha was visiting, and Griffin had eaten dinner really fast. I made some hamburger and rice and he ate hungrily, so I figured it was fine. But then Sunday morning, he vomited again. Afterwards, he begged for breakfast, ate and went to the bathroom normally and spent the whole day playing and running around. Monday morning, like clockwork, he woke me up vomiting once again. I wasn't planning on leaving camp to move home until Friday, but I was feeling really stressed out. I called the vet who told me to watch to see if he was in pain, struggling to go to the bathroom, etc. He was fine, so I decided to wait for another day.

But this morning, once again, he started the day vomiting, looked like he felt terrible, and my stress level was at an all time high so I loaded up the car, called the vet and raced back home. On the way to the vet, he started vomiting again and by the time we arrived, I was feeling like the worst puppy mom of all time. Why didn't I bring him in a few days ago?!

The x-ray showed something foreign in his stomach and within a few minutes, they brought me a $1700 estimate, a consent form for surgery and let me say goodbye before rushing him off to prep. I feel relieved and less stressed out than I have in days- I'm not happy with the situation, but at least I know what is wrong and how to help him.

The vet called a little while ago to let me know Griffin was doing well after surgery. It's never good when an experienced surgeon says, "I was really surprised by how much was in there! I kept pulling stuff out and it covered the whole table!" I can't believe Griffin ate a plastic ball and I am so frustrated at him! When he is feeling better, I might strangle him for stressing me out!

The vet is calling me in the morning and hopefully I can go and pick him up right away. Poor Griffin...

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  1. Oh my Griffin, with all the good food that mommy feeds you and you resort to eating plastic balls! Sounds more like doggie philosophy ....if it looks good, eat it!
    Feel better Griffin, feel better bulldog mom and don't feel bad...I would of reacted the same way!