Thursday, August 25, 2011

Update on the Patient

I'm not sure if this photo can fully show the horror, but this is a gallon sized ziplock bag that is almost full. "What is that?" you might ask... THAT is what was removed from my darling Griffin's stomach. I almost fell over when the vet brought it out to show me. He didn't just eat a piece of a ball- there are MULTIPLE pieces of all different sizes and colors. The different colors tell me that he's eaten plastic ball on more than one occasion, since we usually use a different color ball each time one pops.

I feel like the WORST puppy mom that ever lived. He is with me nonstop and yet, I've never seen him eat anything he isn't supposed to. Some dogs are chewers and they destroy things and you have to pull things out of their mouths all the time. Griffin is NOT one of those dogs.

The vet and several of the vet techs have all told me stories about dogs eating things and having this surgery. One of the vet techs' dogs has had this surgery 6 times! I appreciate them trying to make me feel better but if he ever does this again, the next surgery he is going to have is getting his little jaw wired shut!

My personal embarrassment, shock, disbelief and worry aside, everything went well. Surgery was smooth, he stayed overnight at the hospital and won the whole staff over with those giant pound-puppy eyes. When I picked him up yesterday afternoon, he looked a little tired, but was happy to go home. I fed him tiny cups of chicken and rice throughout the day and evening. He ate and drank normally and without hesitation, which was good to see. He has about a 5 inch long incision, but so far, it looks clean and appears to be healing well.

Hopefully he will be as good as new in no time and HOPEFULLY we are done with surgery for a while...

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  1. Yikes that's a lot of plastic for one bulldog tummy! Looks like Griffin has an obsession for beach balls! Glad he is recovering well!