Saturday, August 6, 2011

It Takes a Village

Last night, I was in my living room with a few of my staff when I got a phone call from another staff member. She was calling from a kayak in the lake, and she wanted to let me know that Olivia was at the beach, wading in the water on her own.

When Olivia was just a puppy, I used to panic about her getting lost somewhere at camp or getting into trouble. She and Griffin pretty much roam freely around camp whenever they want, but they rarely leave the yard around my house without me and I never worry about either of them anymore.

So that phone call was quite a surprise! I went sprinting out of my house towards the lake. But halfway between my house and the water, Olivia sauntered up, giving me the same look that the teen campers sometimes give. It's the, "you're so lame, why are you freaking out right now?" look. Apparently she'd already been yelled at and chased out of the water and she didn't want to hear it from me too. Can't a puppy just take a nice evening wade in the water to cool off every now and then without being hassled?

Not when Puppy Mom is the boss and has posted signs around camp alerting staff and campers that BULLDOGS DON'T SWIM. If you see a bulldog near the water, alert someone immediately! Campers are vigilant about this rule and I regularly have to calm them down when Griffin, Olivia and I arrive at the beach and all of the campers jump into action as junior lifeguards.

My staff have intense jobs, little free time, and work hard! And yet, they are incredibly patient with my dogs and regularly make sure they are out of harms way. Despite Griffin's tendency of running at moving cars and Olivia's fearlessness, I know they both have a lot of people watching out for them around camp.

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