Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dog Thoughts

This is Olivia after she buried her bone in the wet, muddy sand. She walked around for a long time and after some thought, she went behind some bushes. When she came out, this was her face.

I burst out laughing and grabbed my phone to take her photo. This was the fourth attempt because she did NOT want her picture taken and kept turning her head away from me.

When I finally got a picture, she looked utterly disgusted at me and stomped off. When we went inside a little while later, she emphatically jumped on the couch and refused to come to bed with me.

Dogs can get embarrassed and angry too.

Griffin has also been doing some thinking lately. Yesterday, we were sitting inside but the door was open. The staff house is only about 30 feet away from my house, so when they make noise, we can hear them.

They were being pretty loud and Griffin noticed. I thought he was just barking at the noise, but when he continued to bark and whine at the gate, I eventually let him out. He marched right over to the house. When he got inside, he made the rounds, sniffing and getting petted by everyone.

He looked pretty content sitting with a group of them who were playing the guitar. He was not a happy puppy when I made him leave shortly after arrival. He was ready to hang out with all of his new friends and I ruined his night.

So overall, I'm the mean puppy mom right now. Poor bullies...

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  1. No fun mom!Love Olivia's face there! A classic!