Sunday, June 30, 2013

Grif Wants to Canoe

On Saturday, three of the male counselors built a raft and brought it to the boating bay to see if it would float. Nate was visiting for the weekend and so we went down to watch the spectacle. We brought the dogs- which always adds another level of chaos and ridiculousness to any situation, but they wanted to see the boat too.

What I didn't know is that Griffin wants to learn to canoe. When the guys needed canoe paddles, Griffin was desperate to get his paws on one... so I gave him a small one and he carried it all over and looked quite proud. He carried it all the way back to our house when we left.

Bulldogs are NOT water dogs- they sink like rocks. However, my dogs LOVE the water. I let them go to the beach and camp is on a peninsula, so we are nearly all waterfront, but EVERYONE is aware of the sink-ability of bulldogs and both kids and staff have been warned REPEATEDLY to alert me if they see bulldogs by water without me.

Griffin and Olivia have dog lifejackets and lots of people looking out for them, but I take water safety very seriously (not only with bulldogs, but I am also a Red Cross lifeguard trainer and responsible for certifying all of the guards at camp).

So really, Grif won't be canoeing any time soon (remember the first and only time bulldogs were in a boat?! But how cute is he with his paddle?!

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