Sunday, June 16, 2013

Living the Good Life

Staff training lasts about two weeks- the first few days are lifeguarding and CPR and then it is 12 hours a day of nonstop activity. It's been BUSY but you don't need to worry about Grif and Liv- every short break I had was spent playing with the puppies and they also got to come to some of the all camp events, so they have been just fine.

It's a tough life being a bulldog...
Griffin doesn't really enjoy playing- he'll chase the ball every now and then. But he very much enjoys getting his belly rubbed. Lucky for him, we have an AMAZING assistant camp director who not only keeps camp running, but also spends her free time on the field with me. I kick the ball for Liv and she and Grif lay in the shade and relax. Here is a video of the most ridiculous dog in the world!

Olivia is staying busy with her ball, lounging on the porch, and bossing the staff around. Griffin is super affectionate and lovable, and the staff have taken to him. Meanwhile, I have had more than one staff comment that they think Olivia looks like she is judging them. I told them they were accurate in that observation. She mostly thinks she is better than everyone and doesn't have time for them unless they have something for her. 

At the opening campfire, Olivia and Griffin joined us. I know bulldogs aren't supposed to eat marshmallows, but Olivia loves them and I am not a perfect bulldog mom, so I let her... I know, I know...
As soon as we got to the fire circle, Olivia started DEMANDING a marshmallow. After she interrupted my opening speech to the staff a few times, I looked at her and said, "10 MINUTES!" She sat down, closed her mouth and waited patiently. One of the staff said, "does she really understand?" I know it makes me sound crazy, but I really think she does understand. 

When I started roasting a marshmallow, she leaned against me the whole time, acting like she'd like me to give her the stick, knowing the marshmallow was for her. After eating hers, she attempted to help Abby hand out marshmallows to the rest of the staff and then helped everyone clean off their sticks between marshmallows.

At the all camp game later in the week, Olivia appointed herself referee. She insisted on being in the middle of things. This is a photo of the two of us. I would like to note that I was sitting there first and she jumped up on her own and then wiggled her way behind me so she could be in the best position. She can't jump on the couch- she prefers someone lift her like a princess, but when she wants to be somewhere, she develops an amazing ability to jump. 
My biggest battle has been with the bulldogs and dirt. They LOVE rolling in the dirt. I brush them and wipe them down with wet wipes, clean their ears and wrinkles, brush their teeth and feel so good when I snuggle my clean puppies. And then as fast as they can, they find a pile of dirt and roll around- absolutely joyful. "Oh don't worry about it, I'll just wipe my face off on your sheets or on the couch" is the look they give me when I find them. I continue to try to keep the house (and the bullies) clean, but it's not going well. If that's my biggest issue, I guess I'm doing okay, but I am going to keep trying!
Campers come today!! Let the fun begin!!


  1. Just sayin': A.M.M. is an animal-lover...she comes by it naturally!....

  2. Hey, I feed my dogs the occasional marshmallow or other not-recommended-but-non-toxic snack.
    My dogs are the same way - my boy is a laid back lover and my girl is an uptight diva. It makes me laugh every time. And my girl DEFINITELY understands things like "ten more minutes!" She will wait until I'm counting down "3....2.....1!" to obey. It's crazy.
    Love the pics!