Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beating the Heat

These pictures and videos are from a few weeks ago. The weather has been FABULOUS for the past 2 weeks- sunny, but breezy and 70s- perfect bulldog weather.

But 3 weeks ago, it was HOT. SUPER RIDICULOUSLY HOT! Bulldogs are VERY sensitive to heat, so Griffin and Olivia spent most of the week stuck inside. This summer our new camp house is air conditioned, which has been a huge improvement from last year (remember this?!).

However, as you might imagine, my very social dogs were pretty unhappy about captivity. They spent the week sighing dramatically and flopping down on the ground. They made sure I knew they were miserable.

I felt bad for them because they didn't get to play very much or hang out with the kids. But keeping your dog cool is important. Here is a great image that was posted on facebook. Those symptoms are a little bit difficult because Griffin is always panting and breathing hard, drooling, lethargic (in his case, I think it is lazy, but it looks the same!), and he rarely responds to commands... 
Eventually though, they joined the kids for a nighttime swim. The photos make it look like it was the middle of the night and completely dark (it was definitely light enough for me to lifeguard safely).

The last time the went to the beach, Olivia looked like she was going to jump off the dock. She likes the water but is very cautious and has never done that, but she made me nervous, so when they came down this time, they had to wear their life jackets.

Here is a short video of Olivia lifeguarding-

Griffin sat just like this, just smashed into this camper's arms for, not kidding, 20 minutes. I think he was just in desperate need of extra affection to make up for his terrible neglect all week.

They survived the heat and have spent lots of time with campers since then, so don't feel too bad for these poor dogs...


  1. Hudson does the EXACT same mopey lay that Griffin is doing! Nothing better than bullies!

  2. I know they pout so when they can't go outside! Enjoy the rest of the summer!