Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Fun

The summer has come to an end and it is bittersweet as we leave camp and head home. Well, it is bittersweet for me as I love camp and I also love my life at home. I think it is just sort of bitter for Grif and Liv as they would choose camp life 100% of the time.

They love the constant attention, play times every few hours, going to the beach, hanging out in the office or out with the kids, roasted marshmallows, exploring the woods, chasing the bunnies that live right outside of my house, lazy days lounging in the sun, and then falling into bed, completely exhausted at the end of the day.

Here are some random camp pictures-
Griffin and Leilani had an "I love you"/
"I sorta wanna knock you down" type relationship

Olivia at camper break time. She likes to
be in a populated area while she lounges.
Gaga is a super popular camp game. It's sort of like dodge ball, but you have to stay inside the octagon and can only hit people below the waist. If you get hit, you are out. Whoever is left standing at the end, wins. Griffin and Olivia can't be around the gaga pit because they desperately want to pop the ball.
Attempting to get in and "play"- we had
to keep reminding him to get down.
He circled the gaga pit several times. 

And then the ball flew out and it was a race
to get it first. Grif won this round and gaga was over...

Tired after a long day.

This is how we wake up every morning. Olivia likes
to be spooned while she sleeps. She sleeps with the
 covers up to her chin and her head on the pillow. 
In the morning, I get up, run, shower, go to the
dining hall for breakfast, and then come back
to find bullies still completely asleep. 

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