Monday, August 26, 2013

From Camp, Back to City Life

A miserable bulldog, stuck inside the house all day...
We've been home from camp for 3 weeks already and I'm not sure that the bulldogs have fully adjusted. I was gone for 8 days volunteering at a camp in Michigan, so I missed most of their first week home (and the tantrums that go with the adjustment). My boyfriend Nate took excellent care of them, taking them to the park and spoiling them. My mom also spent a lot of time with them, taking several days off to spend dog sitting.

However, for the past few days (and what's looking like the rest of this week at least), the weather has been HOT. It was 100 degrees today with HIGH humidity. Anything over about 71 degrees is TOO HOT for a bulldog, but this weather is ridiculous! Every time I open the door to let them outside, the blast of heat feels like opening an oven door.

At 6:45am this morning, we went to the park, but it was already in the 80s, so we were only there for 10 minutes. It's too hot for them to even lay around outside, so right now, I have two miserable prisoners.

Tomorrow Olivia is going back to daycare and Grif is going to go with me to the office. I am hoping that both places are cool enough for them, otherwise, they are going to be stuck inside for the rest of the week....

Poor bulldogs.

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