Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Random Videos

The wagon has been an excellent addition to our walks. We are able to go much longer distances (which is so good for Olivia) and Griffin only has to walk about half the time. Last week though, Olivia had been at daycare all day and was super tired. But it was really nice out and Nate and I wanted to go for a walk. If Olivia had been going any slower, she would have been stopped, so I gave in and let her ride too. She was a NATURAL and enjoyed her neighborhood tour immensely. Since then, every time we go for a walk, she's looks at the wagon like, "put me in there!"

The videos below are just random everyday bulldog life experiences. Anyone who is considering bringing a bulldog into their life should watch these videos, because THIS is just your average day with bullies.

Video 1- Griffin cries when we aren't touching. Nate and I were playing Scrabble and Griffin pretty much cried the entire time. When we eventually sat down on the couch, he stopped.

Video 2- I've been trying to catch a FULL blown Olivia tantrum for 5 years. She flings her body at the couch, screeches like she is being ripped limb from limb, and wiggles around dramatically. I assure you, she is not injured, in pain of any kind, sick, or being harmed. She is just being dramatic. However, as soon as the camera comes out, she calms down, so I've never gotten a full tantrum. I'm confident there will be another one soon, so I'll keep trying. 

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  1. Needy, needy! That's all I can say about bullies! (Note: we have the same green couch!)