Saturday, September 14, 2013

Videos of the Puppies

Here are some random videos of Olivia and Griffin in the last week-

The first video is Griffin in the office. Some people take coffee breaks or stand at the water cooler (do people still do that?). Grif comes to the office 2-3 times a week, so for Abby and I, our "break" times are usually because Griffin needs some attention. Abby and I have offices across the hall from each other and Griffin usually wanders between them throughout the day. Sometimes, we will both hear, "thud, thud, thud" and we'll look at each other and both get up and run towards the stairs because Griffin is taking himself out by leaving.... or my darling boy is distracting us like the video below. 

At home, Griffin and Olivia spend a lot of time playing together. Sometimes the wrestle, sometimes they lay on the floor and barely move (see the video below for their lazy playing). They just lay on the floor and bite each other. I didn't know anything about dogs before I had Olivia and Griffin. It sort of looks like they are fighting, but they are both completely content, relaxed, happy and playing- despite the amount of biting going on. 

Danny came over the other day. Danny is BY FAR, Griffin's favorite person in the world. Grif gets SO excited when Danny is at our house. Unless Danny is literally touching Griffin, Grif wails. He just wants to snuggle Danny nonstop. 

That's all for now. The bullies are lovin' life and chillin' until the weather cools down a bit...

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