Sunday, September 8, 2013

Relaxin' at Home

We're back in our school year routine and have adjusted to being home from camp. Olivia is back at daycare two days a week and on those days, she is EXHAUSTED and very quiet all evening long. There is nothing better than a calm, easy going bulldog. On Olivia's school days, Griffin comes to the office with me and he has been VERY easy going. We go outside very now and then and he likes to greet the mailman and check out anyone who walks down the hall, but mostly, he just chills. 

When we got home from daycare, Olivia walked into the yard
and basically collapsed. Apparently it was a busy day!
Nate and I have been busy with a million different things, but we finally had time to relax a few nights ago. Naturally, all 4 of us had to be close enough to touch. 

When we aren't relaxing, Olivia and Griffin enjoy playing. They make a lot of noise, but there is nothing cuter than bullies playing...

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