Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Loud and Clear

Two weeks ago I had to take Griffin to the vet.  I rarely take either dog anywhere without the other, so I knew it was going to be a challenge. Leaving the house without dogs is a process because as soon as they hear my keys, both dogs, and usually Buddha too (he likes to be included), crowd the door, getting their bodies as close as they can. To get out, I do a wiggle maneuver, climbing over them, holding them back as I shuffle out of the door, pushing them back to avoid smashing their heads. Often they team up, get past me, and move the battle to the backyard, where I chase, bribe, and yell as I attempt to get them all back in the house. I am sure there is an easier way, but that's life with the Bulldog Brigade.

I knew Olivia was going to be unhappy that Griffin was going somewhere and she wasn't- and of course she was. I tried to hold her back and push Griffin outside, but he won't do anything without her, and for as round as she is, she is incredibly fast when motivated. I ended up bringing both of them outside and into the car, and once they were settled, I picked her up and carried her back inside the house.

Olivia is not the type of dog to chew or destroy things. She doesn't rip up toys or chew furniture. When she does something, it is to prove a point (I know I sound crazy when I say that, but it is true!). So when we got home from the vet, I wasn't surprised to see every single thing had been taken out of Danny's backpack (which she moved from the hall into the living room) and spread across the house. Nothing had been damaged, and when I said, "what happened in here?" she looked at me smugly as if to say, "next time it will be worse." Point taken Olivia.

Last week I went on vacation with my boyfriend, leaving Danny and Heather in charge of the Brigade. They were very sad dogs, refusing to do anything besides lay on the couch, eat and go outside. Danny and Heather did manage to drag them on several walks, which added a little action to their days of pouting. Danny told me that before the first walk, he had to go to my car to get their leashes. They heard my keys and thought they were going to the park and ran outside with him. When Olivia realized he was holding the leash, she scooted her fat little body right under the car. Griffin attempted to follow, but couldn't fit, so he just hid his head under the car instead.

Forced walks, no trips to the park and an absent mother- I wasn't surprised to come home and find another message from Olivia.
Was it a coincidence that she chose the traveler's diary or does she know how to read?

Dogs can't talk, but they can communicate. Olivia doesn't like when I travel. Noted.

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  1. I think there is a message in the item she choose to destroy! Yes they just hate when we leave them don't they!