Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Always Fun

I love my dogs so much. They bring me so much joy and make me laugh and are a central part of my life. But sometimes being a pet owner isn't so fun.

I fell asleep last night like almost every night- Olivia wrapped in my arms with her head on the pillow next to me and Griffin spooned behind me, snuggled against my back.

4:47am- I heard the sound of pee before I felt it. Griffin was snoring, deeply asleep, peeing- soaking me and my bed. Ugh. Not the way I wanted to start my day.

This afternoon we were at the park and Olivia went to the bathroom, except that her poo didn't look normal- it was bloody. Cue me FREAKING out, rushing her to the vet and paying $130 to find out that nothing was wrong with her- there was blood, but apparently it's possible for dogs to burst capillaries in their colon and some blood will come out. After several tests she was pretty sure Olivia was totally fine, but gave me some medicine and a long list of things to watch for in the next few days. 

Ugh. Not the way I wanted to spend my afternoon.

On a positive note, the whole Bulldog Brigade went to Dog Days at the dome to play and socialize. We got in free because Heather knew someone, the dogs all had a blast and have been happily passed out for the whole evening.


  1. It ain't easy at times. Sorry to hear that you had such a "poopy" day! Glad Olivia is going to be alright!

  2. I swear your vet is going to start giving you placebos just to keep you from freaking out