Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Adventures

It rained yesterday and today it was 50 degrees. The backyard is mud, with giant puddles of water everywhere, and yet, the mountain of snow remains. After Buddha and Griffin's most recent escape, I thought for sure with the melting that the breakouts would be over.

I was wrong.

Last night Danny called me (only slightly hysterical) to report that once again they had escaped, once again, they'd made their way into the neighbor's yard. But this time, the neighbor dogs were out and when Danny walked up to the yard, Griffin was chasing the little dog in circles around the yard. He's playful, but totally unaware he is 65 pounds, and thus, sort of terrifying to little fluffy things like the neighbor. Danny managed to catch both Griffin and Buddha and then waddle both squiggly dogs home.

Eager for more adventure, both of them had that look in their eyes every time they got let outside this afternoon. I watched Griffin reach up and put his front paws on the fence, but as I poked my head out the door and sternly said, "don't even think about it", the fence was at least 18 inches, maybe even two feet above the snow at this point. That fat dog can barely hoist himself onto the couch, there's no way he could still get over the fence.

Wrong again.

As always, I turned my back for two minutes and they were gone. When the friendly neighbors down the alley heard me calling, they yelled back, "they're over here! They seem to really be enjoying themselves!"

Of course they were.

But less than a minute later, when I arrived to wrangle the puppies, they were no where to be found. "Um, the black one went around to the front" directed the helpful neighbor. 

The front of my house is on a really busy street. When I got to the front, there were both dogs, hanging out all the way at the end of the street, chillin' at the bus stop, illuminated by the bazillion headlights of all of the cars flying by (did I mention it was dark at this point). Apparently they've explored the whole neighborhood and they were going to add public transportation into the adventure.

I was on the verge of insane panic when I bellowed, "what are you two doing?

I can't fully describe the looks of pure jubilation on their faces as they both came galloping towards me, loving every moment of their freedom. 

"Let's get a toy. Do you want a treat? Look at what I have. Come on, let's have fun. I will give you $500 if you come with me right now." I was fully prepared to tackle them to the ground if I got the chance- I was in full-blown crisis/ do-whatever-you-have-to-do mode. But luckily I was able to coax both of them inside without incident.

They can potty on the floor from now on- those dogs are not going outside until it is hot and sunny outside. One more break out and I will have a nervous breakdown- guaranteed.


  1. They must have Spring Fever! Good luck!

  2. Horrifying - I'm not dog sitting until the snow is gone. It happened to me and I was shaking for a half an hour!!