Monday, April 18, 2011

Brigade Separation...

Last Thursday, I had to return to the city for a meeting and afterwards, I stopped at my house to pick up some things I needed. Buddha greeted me with enthusiasm, and as he does when he is excited, peed all over my leg. After soaking my shoes, he ran out the door to look for his cousins. Unfortunately for Buddha, Olivia and Griffin were still at camp.

Poor little Buddha has had to adjust to life without the bulldogs. Danny and Heather tell me that without his cousins to bite, he's been extra mouthy with his parents. They've been walking him more than usual, but he's still bursting with energy and extra needy for attention.

Danny told me that the other day, he was watching a video of Olivia and Griffin at camp and Buddha was sitting on his lap watching the video too! I suggested that possibly we needed to set up Skype so that Buddha and his cousins could keep up this summer.

We wondered what the puppies would tell each other- Buddha would probably taunt the bulldogs, telling him he's taken over the house and the yard and all of the toys. Olivia would roll her eyes at him and tell him it doesn't matter because they are living the good life, playing all day every day in the woods. Griffin would tell Buddha that he's started a northern chapter of their neighborhood watch and he spends most of the day running after suspicious looking leaves that blow by and barking at noises he hears (which is the same thing he and Buddha spent most of their time doing in the back yard at home).

It's possible this line of thinking is an indication that I've been in the woods a bit too long and need some company other than my dad and dogs.

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  1. Doggie Skype! I love it!

    Yes you may need to mix it up a bit. Change of venue is always good!