Monday, April 11, 2011

Outdoor Bulldogs

I am the executive director of a resident camp. From September-May, I live in the city, go to the office every day, and do all of the behind the scenes work of running a camp. In May, I pack my house and move up to the woods to run camp for the summer. Olivia and Griffin are the camp dogs. They love being outside, enjoy the constant attention and are incredibly tolerant of hoards of screaming children.

My dad is the property manager of camp and lives on site, so we go back to camp at least once a month.  Olivia knows the word "camp" and gets so excited whenever I mention the word.

My dad has been in the hospital for the past few weeks and when he go out on Thursday, I started getting ready to move back to camp while he recovers. I don't usually move until May, but I can work from camp, so it's ideal since my dad can't really be on his own right now.

On Friday morning, I told Olivia we were going to camp, which was a mistake, because she started to lose her mind- running and barking with excitement. Griffin rarely knows what's going on, but does whatever Olivia does, so I had to try to pack while two excited bulldogs followed me everywhere, crashing into my legs and fighting to get out of the fence each time I attempted to take a load out to the car.

When we finally got to camp, the dogs tumbled out of the car and started running around, finding hidden bones they'd left behind on previous trips, chasing each other, and begging for balls to chase. Three days later, both dogs are filthy but as happy as they could possibly be. The weather is warm enough to leave the door open, so they both wander in and out all day, doing whatever they want- exploring, sunning themselves, chasing each other, napping- they are living the dream.

I'm not sure how long we will be here- it's possible we might move back home for a few weeks before we officially move to camp for the summer. I would like to be able to be home for a few weeks, but I am dreading their reaction, so for now, I'm just happy they are happy.

I've been trying to get video of them playing together, but they stop every time I get the camera out. Here are a few random videos from today.



  1. does this mean I need to ditch school to come and return to my normal puppy rangling duties??

  2. Looks like camp life is fun for the pups! That Olivia is a little Evil Knievel! Hope your Dad is feeling better!