Friday, April 29, 2011

A Week in Photos

As the summer gets closer and closer, my to-do list gets longer by the minute, no matter how much I accomplish each day. I am also busy working on the final paper for my grad school class, and it's been more involved than I'd originally expected, so there hasn't been much time for puppy stories this week.

Actually, there haven't been many puppy stories to tell. Olivia and Griffin wake up like clockwork at 7:12 every morning (my alarm is set for 7:15) and demand breakfast. Once they've gone outside and eaten, they sleep on the couch while I drink coffee and check email. The rest of their day is filled with playing, laying in the sun, walks, playing with me and rolling in the dirt and immediately coming to wipe their mouths on my clothes. They are living the puppy dream life. Being at camp for a whole extra month is going to make September a very difficult transition back to normal life, but I try not to think about that as they gallop through the house, biting each other and wrestling joyously, out the open door and into the endless open space, all day, every day.

Here are a few shots from the week-


Abby sent them raincoats for Easter! 

Tired after playing

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  1. Life is never dull for O&G or for you too! Great pics!