Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brave or Baby?

I've mentioned Griffin's transition from really independent to a complete bundle of need in the past (see At camp, it's slightly different.

From time to time, I will let him outside and a few minutes later, I won't be able to see him anywhere. I will call his name and get no response. I yell louder, and get shriller and when I am verging on the edge of full blown panic, he will trot back to the house, looking proud of himself and quite satisfied. I saw him behind the Welcome Center today, 50 or more yards away from the house, inspecting something, but overall, I'm not really sure where he goes. 

This morning he was missing for a few minutes and when he returned, his head was covered in dirt. I was so shocked I exclaimed, "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? Were you in a tunnel?!?!" He just wiggled happily and let me clean him up.

I started to worry that he was getting too brave and I was anxiously thinking about what I was going to do when camp was filled with people and sounds and exciting things to lure him away.

And then I spent the afternoon with the neediest puppy alive and while he might be brave every now and then, he's really such a baby I don't think I need to worry about him straying very far from me. 

And if you are wondering, after turning off the camera, I did in fact move all of my papers and computer and worked from the couch. As soon as we were all snuggled in (my laptop precariously balanced on my lap and papers literally resting on top of the bulldogs I was sandwiched between), Griffin was quite and both dogs snored happily for several hours while I worked.


  1. clearly Olivia has rubbed off...

  2. No worries Aunt Abby will be there in like 23 days to take care of my babies :)

  3. Wow didn't realize Griffin was such a Mommie's boy! ( Ozzie is too...he makes the same kind of whining noise.) Very cute!