Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whirlwind Weeks

"WHY aren't we in the woods?!"
 Last weekend I left camp for an 8 hour journey south to Iowa for a visit with my best friend. It was good to escape the woods for a few days although, I have to admit that I missed the puppies almost immediately. While I was gone, they spent some quality time with their Grandpi.

After the weekend, I had to stay at home for the week to take care of all of the final pre-summer things I need to do before officially moving to camp (even though I've already been here for almost 2 months). But I couldn't be without my babies for a whole week, so on Sunday, my dad made a special trip down to drop them off at home.

After 4 days apart, it was good to go back to waking up
to this face!
Our plan was to meet at 2:30. At 1pm, he called to ask where I was (on the road). Apparently they were up by 5am each morning demanding breakfast, refused to get off the couch for most of the weekend and absolutely wouldn't cooperate on the multiple walk attempts, and by Sunday, Grandpi was ready to be puppy-free.
"How sad do we have to look before we can return to camp?"

Monday-Thursday, Olivia, Griffin and I went back to pre-camp schedule. I had to go to my office or run errands most of the day and so they had to be inside, on their own. They didn't get to run free, play nonstop, have constant attention and they were NOT happy about the return to city life. They spent most of the week looking sad and staring at the car as if to ask when they could go back.

On Thursday, when I loaded up the car, they eagerly rushed to the gate and attempted to squeeze their little bodies out. Twenty trips out to the car later, we were all exhausted, but they leaped and bounced when I finally let them out of the yard to the car. When we arrived back at camp we immediately headed out to the field to play with the ball, ran through the yard, jumped in the pool and joyfully basked in the glory of life in the woods.

Olivia "helping" as I painted my spare room
On Friday, camp welcomed almost 70 volunteers for the annual work weekend. Olivia and Griffin greeted guests enthusiastically, monitored with great interest many of the projects, soaked in the attention from all of the people and followed me back and forth across camp all day long.
Olivia climbed up there on her own.
Griffin was pretty unhappy he couldn't get up with her.
The past two weeks have been busy, but with summer around the corner, we are getting even busier each day.

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  1. I know its hard to be bulldog free for several days. It's just doesn't feel right!
    Glad that O&G where "good" for Granpi!
    Bring on the summer fun!